Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Houston, TX

Dream Dental is proud to offer fluoride treatment in Houston, TX, to help patients stay protected against cavities. Fluoride treatments are an ideal preventive measure for children and are also recommended for adults prone to tooth decay.

Fluoride is a crucial mineral that occurs naturally in many sources, including the foods we eat and drinking water. While you may receive fluoride from your diet and certain kinds of toothpaste, the amount may not be sufficient to safeguard against cavities.

Our dentists in Houston, TX, may recommend fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth and guard against cavities. Fluoride remineralizes tooth enamel, which counters the demineralization effects of bacteria, sugars, and acids. Fluoride treatment is painless and safe for patients of all ages.

What to Expect

We recommend getting fluoride treatment during your regular dental exams and cleanings. Our dentists near you start by examining your oral health to check for cavities, periodontal disease, bite problems, and other common dental issues. Next, the dentist or dental hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar are by-products of bacterial breakdown of sugars in the oral cavity.

The fluoride applied to your teeth may be in the form of gel, foam, or varnish. The form of the fluoride determines the application methodology. For instance, the fluoride may be delivered via a swab, tray, or brush.

Professional fluoride treatment near you lasts only a few minutes, after which you’ll be free to go home. Our dentists may advise you to avoid eating or drinking for thirty minutes after treatment to allow for the fluoride’s optimal absorption.

Benefits of Regular Fluoride Treatment

While regular brushing and flossing are crucial in ensuring continued oral health, they often fall short in guaranteeing maximum protection. For individuals who are prone to dental caries, professional fluoride treatments offer additional protection against cavities. This prevents the need for extensive treatments down the road.

You can supplement in-office fluoride treatments with at-home measures, including fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Our dentists in Houston, TX, will guide you on the same.

Reach out to Dream Dental today to enjoy painless fluoride treatment for continued protection against cavities.

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